Friday, 24 January 2014

Kumihimo 16 warp round braid with 2 types of ribbon

Here we go for another Kumi tutorial!

Thank you everyone for asking for the picture, it seems that the finished braid showed up right after I noticed I had new comments and responded. So here it is, along with a glimpse of my mess of a desk lol!


I started looking through my colours of ribbon to see what I had to wrap, I was looking for blue tones, and I would have done all 4 main directions (32, 8, 16, 24) in black, but the pattern turned out pretty cool as it is. :) For those who don't know what that means yet, that would be the spots marked N, E, S, W on the disk you will see in the pictures.

Here is the setup of 16 ribbons, holding the N, or 32, at the top.

Now the first step is to take the ribbon from the right side of the 32 and bring it down to the right side of the set directly opposite on the circle, the 15.

In the second picture you see the second step, which is to bring the ribbon from the left side of the 16, up to the slot directly opposite above it, the left side of the 31.

Next you turn your disk to the right so that the ribbons on either side of 28 are at the top, or north position of your disk. You will always turn to the right with each completed right, down, left up set :)

As before, you take the right side of 28 and bring it down to the right side of 11. Then you take the left side of 12 and bring it up to the left side of 27.

Turn to the right.

Bring down the right of 24, and bring up the left of 8.

Turn to the right.

Bring down the left side of 20, and bring up the right side of 4. (it seems I have missed taking the picture for the first step, I am sorry about that, but if you keep following the down/up/turn steps, regardless of colour, you should be fine)

Turn to the right.

Right down.... left up... You should be getting the hang of the process by now :) Also, if you look, this time around we are resetting the colours back into the proper pairs.

Turn to the right.. always to the right.

Right down, left up...

Turn to the right...

Right down.. left up..

And again to the right..

Right down, left up..

And to the right again...

At this point I don't need to take any more pictures, as if you still need direction on it, you can just go to the top again and start over. You may have noticed that your pairs move over by one tab every time you complete a "stitch" (stitch being the full right down, left up, turn motion). If when you are back to your original set being at the top (in the pictures, that's the set of two black on top, two blue on bottom) all of your warps should be 3 slots (or tabs) apart.

Thanks for reading, and happy weaving!