Saturday, 22 February 2014

the evolution of an ornate steampunk pendant

Anyone who follows me on facebook knows that I LOVE taking pictures LOL

I frequently take and post pictures of the process on my regular profile, and I decided I should also post them regularly on here.. so here is the evolution of a silver and brass ornate steampunk pendant.

First side.. I started with a basic 2/1 five wire ladder weave in sterling silver and secured the agate bead into the pattern with the base wires. As I went along with the two wire 5 down 2 up weave I started embellishing with watch gears.

  After I got to the point where I thought it looked good, I curled up one of the wires I used to secure the agate bead, and then wove around the securing wire as I curled it around the gear, adding a smaller gear to fill out the gap a little as I secured everything together.  I was trying to ball up the wire that was sticking out and kinda flattened, but the reason it is kinda flattened is because it wouldn't ball.. I assume it's because the wires behind/attached to it were acting like a heat sink because it never really got red hot. So I hit it with a hammer. Repeatedly.

 I decided to curl and weave the offending wire, and shaped the wires sticking out the bottom. Oh yeah and I added nuts and plates from a watch.. the ones that looked like the right shape when I held them up as I wove and coiled.

I decided it should go the other way up, so I flipped it around and made the bail with a double figure 8 weave.  I balled the end of one of the wires from the bail and curled it up.

Once I had secure the balled end, I used the small bit of wire that was left to start the attaching of another plate, with little gems in it.. so cool!

At that point I was entirely sick of weaving with brass.. so perfect time to switch back to sterling!

I was adding the odd gear and bit and bead as I went with the sterling (much faster than the brass I might add) and shaped and secured the wire down along the line of where I figured the bead should still show.

It's looking a bit like lace! I think it is very cool and victorian inspired. I had to add on another couple of base wires along both the bottom and the one side, as the larger plate and the agate bead wouldn't have been properly secured otherwise. I added beads as I wove, and two different kinds of gears. I think I ended up with just the right amount of bead showing when I was done.

A few hours here, a few hours there.. all in all it took me 3 days to get this.

So then I went and stuck it in a jar of chemicals, watched it get all black, rinsed, scrubbed, polished, and got this :)

Here is the picture I used to show all aspects of the pendant.  I hung it on a 27" antique brass chain with heart shaped lobster clasp. NFS :)

Thanks for reading..


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Gotta love the firsts

I had another first today! I have never worked with indian paint stone before, and I love the mottled colour and satin finish! I was going to use silver with it, but it looked way better with copper.

Here is the front and back view of this newest creation :)

If you are looking to buy this, please come see me and shoot me a message on my facebook page

These adorable little things happened by chance today as I was playing with these glass beads.. I had the idea to wrap them in copper and I am glad I did.

Thanks for looking!


Friday, 7 February 2014

I have the need.. the need for steampunk!

I don't always do steampunk inspired or themed jewelry, but I really love the genre, so every third piece or so I make something along those lines. Here are some of what I have already made:

Not all of these I consider specifically steampunk, but they are all victorian or steampunk inspired, if not totally in the genre :)


Thursday, 6 February 2014

the process and the art

Anyone who follows me on facebook knows that I love to show my process. I love it when others can share in the journey of creation with me! I rarely ever sketch out something before I start, because I have tried this quite a few times, and it has always ended up turning out entirely differently than I was trying to make.. so nowadays I just start to weave, and the piece developes almost organically from there. Wire is a much different medium than anything else I have ever worked with, but I love it so much! There are almost endless possibilities on what you can make with wire. I am honored and more than a little gobsmacked that people love what I make as much as I do.. because my art is my therapy, and everything I make has a little bit of me in it.

As for process pictures, I have some new ones to share!

And here is the final product picture :)

Thank you to those who are fans of my art <3