the process and the art

Anyone who follows me on facebook knows that I love to show my process. I love it when others can share in the journey of creation with me! I rarely ever sketch out something before I start, because I have tried this quite a few times, and it has always ended up turning out entirely differently than I was trying to make.. so nowadays I just start to weave, and the piece developes almost organically from there. Wire is a much different medium than anything else I have ever worked with, but I love it so much! There are almost endless possibilities on what you can make with wire. I am honored and more than a little gobsmacked that people love what I make as much as I do.. because my art is my therapy, and everything I make has a little bit of me in it.

As for process pictures, I have some new ones to share!

And here is the final product picture :)

Thank you to those who are fans of my art <3