It's strange what comes out of my head sometimes.


I really have too many things on the go. I mean my project box that is full of Frustrating Things, isn't getting any smaller as I add to it without trying to finish projects that are already in there. I know lots of those with chaos and art in our heads who also have a project box. 

Digging through my hoard of Pretty Things, the other day I found one of my first wire wraps. I mean seriously first.

It was so bad! (and once I find it, I will insert a picture of it here.)

I've had some other firsts that were way better though.. like my first sculpture piece.

I called it the fish, and it is gorgeous. I still have it.

And then there is my first prong setting.
I managed to make that one reversible, and I was hooked! Wire, wire, you calling me?
LOL okay, I am trying to write too late, because now I am being punny and even though I am catching them, my typos are going way up!

I will continue taking you through my journey in my next post.. my first tutorial piece and my first attempt at fold forming.

Good night and god bless, from the frozen north!