Another first

Well I spent almost 12 hours coiling by hand to make my first chaos coil wrap. I tried many ways of doing it that I normally use to speed up the coiling.. but none of them worked, so I wrapped it, around and around... and around.. and around.. and around..  *pant pant* until I got so sick of coiling that I may not do it again for a very long time!!

But, this is what became of it.

Mother of pearl shell bead, hematite, rose quartz, swarovski crystal, rhodenite, SS, glass beads and lemon quartz. I used silver filled, and plated silver, with some non tarnish plated silver. I used 32g on 24g for the loops, and the frame is hammered 22g. 4cm (1.5in) tall and just over 3cm (1.25in) wide. I am charging $80 for it. I wish I could charge less, but with the amount of time it took, I Can't.