Netted Yukon river rock necklace

It's interesting.. I don't always manage to get good pictures of stuff.. not because it is hard to photograph, but because I take too many quick pictures, and then I don't manage to take better ones before someone wants something. Also, it always seems to be the things I would think wouldn't sell. I made this Yukon River Rock brass wrapped pendant yesterday, and I thought it was interesting with it being a total experiment.. then I put it on one of my new neck wires to test it out. I hammered a frame and then wrapped it with a netting type weave. Then.. I sold it right off my neck! It was really strange! LOL

Here is a quick shot of it

It's a stone from the banks of the Yukon River, and I think maybe my mom brought it home. It was polished in a rotary tumbler... and I just HAD to wrap it.

I think I might make earrings tonight.

Good night