Labradorite, oh how I love you

I finally did it! I finally wrapped my first Lab cab! Labradorite is such a pretty stone!

I think I may actually overcome my fear of patina, just for this gorgeous thing. I already strung it on a patina'd chain, and that looks great. And at $75 I may end up keeping it for myself, too.

Good night! B


  1. Would you do a wand? I want a piece of either amazonite or green moss agate or malechite secured to the end of a willow wand for ritual magic. I would like the stone and the mid length of the wand decorated with wire wrapping in copper, (quite ornate). I have a piece of malechite, if I brought you the willow, could you do it up for me as a custom order? How much would you charge me? I would need to go out and cut the willow and peel it and dry it in the oven, so I'm not talking soon, but I do want it for me, maybe for Xmass. What do you think?

    Michael Greedley (Just facebook me)

  2. It's beautiful. Adore Labradorite.


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