For the last little while, I have been having a giveaway celebration, when my facebook page like count hit certain milestones. Recently I found out that I am not allowed to host giveaways like that on my facebook page, as it introduces liability for facebook. So.... I am hosting it here!

To celebrate my page hitting 300 likes, I am offering everyone the chance to win this Yukon River Rock pendant.

I wrapped in it gold plate, and raw brass.

So.. if you want to be entered, leave a comment, and I will be doing the draw with my beautiful little mini-me on the 6th of September! I am located in Canada, and I will ship this prize within North America for free. If you aren't in NA and want to enter, you pay the shipping.


PS: I wanted to add that Once the policies on facebook changed, I hosted it there again, although everyone who entered here was still entered.


  1. The pendant is spectacular!!! I am entering your contest on behalf of my friend, since I only wear man jewelry. :-)))) MY friend lives in England, but I'll ship it to her if I win. I hope your face book page does very well!!!

    Michael Greedley on behalf of Natalie Allen
    203-31 Lewes Blvd WHse Y1A 4S5 or just face book me.

  2. Hey Becca, I'm commenting to enter your draw for the Yukon River Rock Pendant. Love the idea of using a tumble river rock. A piece of the Yukon to wear next to my heart. Thanks for being so generous.

  3. BECCA! I am so glad I popped in here! It's totally last minute but I would love to be included for this draw! I was just thinking that I need to get my paws on a Yukon river rock pendant from you. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. :P Thank you for hosting a giveaway!

    Happy Creating!

  4. Good luck everyone! I am drawing this in a couple of minutes!


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