Updated! Red jasper woven pendant

I have had a lot of interest in me writing a tutorial for the micro ladder weave that I do.. although I think if I were doing it as a tutorial, I would do it with a larger gauge.. it would work up faster, and possibly be easier for people to see the details of the movement of the wire :)

Here is a picture of the weave

that has 7 base wires in 22g sterling, and a long wrapping wire (I didn't measure it) in 28g.. cause I always a 6g (in whole gauge numbers) difference in my wrapped to wrapping wire.. like with 20g I always use at least 26g to wrap.. if I have 18g, I use at least 24g if not smaller, to wrap.

Here is the first stages of this pendant I am working on that started with that panel of weave. Both pictures are the same stage, but with the cabochon in for the second picture. The left side wrap is a 3 around figure 8 shaped to hold the bottom edge and side of the cab, and the left side is coiled wire with swirls

this is the most recent picture (front it the left picture, back is the right one), with some more work done on the right side

I will post updates as I work on it some more :)



I never managed to take more pictures, but here is what it looked like before I sent it to it's new home.

I aged and hand polished it after it sat for months without selling. I think the aging really makes the red pop!


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    1. Thank you very much! I seem to be making lots with silver, now that I have some LOL


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