gold wire is perfect for some things!

The other day I decided to take the (expensive) leap and buy some gold wire. I bought a few feet of square, and a few feet of half round.

I tend to want to use my new wire as soon as I get it, and this is actually the 3rd piece I did with the new wire, but the first that was mainly gold. 

I added silver wire for bindings on my frame so that whomever wears it can have many options for what to put it on.

In this picture I have already lined up all of the wires and bound them together.. then shaped them to the stone and bent a couple of wires out for the cab to sit on.
At this point I had pulled up wires on the bottom and bound the stem of the bail, bending all but the two bail wires outwards.
 Here is a slightly closer shot of the same thing.
I bent over the bail and bound it, curling up the ends so it wouldn't shift. Then I twisted a couple of wires and made the center swirl. They always remind me of a rose :)

I don't always do the swoops, but I had originally planned the swirl being enough to hold the cab down.. and it wasn't, so I took two more wires and made a close swoop.
The other two wires became two swirls in the back, the top one sticking out to accentuate the font one.

And that is how the mojave turquoise mini was born.

Thanks for reading :)