Ornate "onyx" steampunk pendant

 Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the creation of my ornate "onyx" steampunk pendant.

Why do I have onyx in quotations there? It's because I thought it was onyx when it was given to me, but now I am not sure.

I managed to get vary involved in this one, and I haven't been able to find any earlier pictures. This is done all in raw and NuGold brass base wires (18g, 20g, and 24g), and hardware store brass (28g) for weaving. I used various antique watch gears and swarovski crystals, as well as brass beads. First built was the curve along the bottom, then the fan up the side, with a swarovski crystal in the curl... then, the embellishment/framing on the bottom and up the other side.
 You can see from this back shot where I brought over a couple of wires to be able to add gears and beads to the back too, securing the sides and bottoms of the frame to hold the cab in.
 I wove an embellishment across the top, and added an opal bead.
 I had to stop here and figure out how I was going to do the bail, so I wove and secured and then decided what was going where.
 Here is the bail, with more crystals.
 The weave kinda shaped itself around the gear, and I secured and curled, and then decided it needed something else and added a watch plate.. complete with rubies!.. and another gear on the front. There was still more wire left, and I hate to trim, so I decorated the the side with some more curls and a couple of more beads.

I went around a lot with the weaving wire while I was adding beads, and secured things down, making sure that nothing could catch and pull.

Another bit of securing got a couple more beads added to the back and I was all done :)
Thanks for reading :)