Sterling and kyanite coin earrings

I seem to get really involved with what I am doing.. a lot. LOL I must be like an artist or something!

This is another case of trying to make a set of process pics, but not managing because I forgot to pause and take them.

I made these with 24g sterling base wires, and 32g fine silver weaving wire.

So here I show part of what I was doing when I was trying to make a set of earrings. I don't do woven earrings much, because I find duplicating what I do, very difficult. I even try doing the same movements on each earring as I go, but even then they still end up not matching to my standards.

 I think that because of this, I have developed the notion that if I have a really hard time duplicating what I do, then I would assume others do as well. This is why I put everything out there and don't worry about design copyrights as much as the next artist. If you can duplicate what I do, more power to you! It's not about the money, it's about the art. :)

I'm not much for measuring, and that's one of the things I think you need to do, to get the matchy-matchy right.
As you can see, I duplicated, weaving as far as I could, and then trimmed all of the wires to be exactly the same length. This part isn't very hard to match.

You can see with these next two pictures that I really didn't get them as matching as I could have. I took a shot of them both laying the same way, and one turned over, to show what the "front" and "back" look like.

Unlike a lot of people, I and not a firm believer in the fact that earrings have to be mirror images of each other, but because that is popular, I tried to make them at least look a little bit mirrored when they swing. Oh and swing they do! that 6mm bicone was the perfect addition, and sparkles like crazy when the earrings are on.

These are almost shoulder dusters.

On a photography note.. I take all of my pictures with my cell phone. If you were looking at the colours of the photos, you would have noticed that my skin tone (yes it's always my hand) looks different in almost every pic, depending on how the light is shining on it. This is why I mangled an old cardboard box to make myself a little light box. At least in that somewhat crappy little thing, the lighting is consistent, and so is the background.. much easier to fix things in post processing when your colours are consistent. :)

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