Floral "turquoise" jasper teardrop in copper

I didn't take any start to finish weave pictures.. yet again.. but one of these days I will remember. It's an arduous process, taking step by step weave pictures.

I made a long panel of what I call ladder weave, because it looks like a ladder to me. I am sure that there are other names for this weave :)

Shaping the weave
I wove as close to a centered panel as I could, and once I was where I wanted to be on the brio, I coiled a little and threaded that wire through the bead and did a light anchor on the other side.  

the widest point
 I grabbed some more weaving wire and woven another short panel, with a 3 wire 2 and 2 weave, until I was close enough to the bail wires to weave a bail.

bend.. now to reduce
 I bent the bail over my stepped beadsmith mandrel and the continued the once around figure 8 weave. I then added swirls and copper beads.. and decorated as I went, making sure that everything was secured. I then worked on the other side, adding more swirls and a couple of swarovski crystal beads.

side with crystals
side with copper beads
 This one was actually fairly quick, seeing as the longest block of time was what it took me to weave the panel of ladder weave.

One of the local shops bought this piece, and it is for sale and on display there.

Thanks for reading!