Matching some green dangle earrings

I recently made a necklace for a Nicole Hanna contest, which gave us a partial pendant tutorial to follow.. a 'Finish-it' if I remember correctly, which gave us exact lengths of wire, size of beads, example of weave, and stopped at the point where we brought the weave together at the top of the bead. From then on the idea was to finish the piece with your own spin. I had this lampwork lentil bead I had been wanting to use for a while, and it was the perfect size, so I figured, 'why not?' 

I managed lightbox pictures of it because I was planning on submitting it to the contest, but I forgot to email it to submit it. When I posted it on my facebook page, an old friend who moved away from the Yukon saw it and loved it. She asked me to make matching earrings, and I took a few pictures of the creation of these earrings. While they do not match the necklace exactly, they used the same weave on the bottom section.. so that part matches. Also, they match each other! I have had a hard time making pairs of woven earrings, but I am always up for a challenge.. as long as I have the time to do it at my own pace. My beautiful friend challenged me, and we had success!

The contest necklace
When I finished the pendant, I got the impression that it needed a necklace, so I wove some waxed cotton in an 8 warp round kumihimo braid and made coil caps with hammered loops and a hammered fused clasp with a serpentine bead.

 I think it is pretty cool that people like what I do! :) :D I think it's also pretty cool that I can do what I can do. I am blessed.

flush cut trimmed wires
I took pictures from this point on, because to post the previous steps would be too similar to the tutorial for me to be willing to do it. The idea leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So here are the similar to contest necklace earrings!

I really love how green and copper look together, so to enhance the bead I used for the necklace, I used 28g green artistic wire wrapping wire. This of course means that the earrings had to be done with the same wire. It really would have been cool if I could have matched the bead closer with the pair for the earrings, but this spotted green agate that a friend gave me turned out to be perfect.

I trimmed all of the wires to be the same length to each other on either side. I had to let them sit for a little while at this point because I felt the need to add a bead, and I dug through my stuff until I found the right one.
positioned carnelian

This carnelian bead was the exactly perfect shade to go with the center bead in the pendant, so I took the center wire and wrapped it around and half over the bead, positioning it to cover the gap above the agate bead. At this point I curled the two shorter side wires, pushing them against the bead to stop it from turning.

added green aventurine
 I forgot about the jump ring on the bottom for the wrapped crystal briolette as I was wrapping, so at this point I squeezed the woven panel wires apart with a needle and attached the jump ring, weaving it on with more green wire.

On the left side, I took the bottom long wire and curled it up to mimic the right. I then added a green aventurine bead and coiled partway down the top wire, then curled it up and around. I secured things together with the beading wire and then set out to do it all again!

A matching pair! Yay!
Once I was done both, I realised that I had no copper ear wires left, and my friend didn't need them to be silver, so I added a couple more jump rings (that I got from UnkamenSupplies on Etsy), and then formed and hammered some hooks.

I am really getting into making my own hooks :)

These turned out great, and I am very proud of them. I should have taken lightbox pictures of them before I sent them to their new home, but I forgot. Hopefully my friend sends me modelling pictures!

Thanks for reading!