The making of the green dragon's tears.

 This weave has a bunch of names, one of them being soumack, which is the name I usually use for it. I used 6 base wires in 20g and 26g weaving wire.
 I found that the eyes I got on etsy have this sealed backing that is made from paper that I have gouged before with my pliers while making, so this one I backed with copper sheet before I wrapped it.

I took some of the base wires and built a supporting frame for the eye with my signature curls.
 I brought the wires back over woven in a single double wrap, and added a bead with the weaving wire, and then brought the remaining wire back around the edge of the eye to hold it down to the back wires.
 I had extra wire sticking out, so I used it around the back of the framing wire as a frame and decorative structure.
 I then wove two wires together around the bottom of the eye to hold it down to the frame adding little curls for both decoration and added strength.
 I like to work with extra wire instead of cutting it off, so I added a green aventurine bead and another decorative wire across the top and bottom, swirls for extra security with the eye, and adding areas for loops for the bail and the amazonite dangles that I placed to look like tears.